The great Turkish photographer Goksin Sipahioglu, founder of the Sipa agency, used to say that one must be realistic enough to know that photojournalism cannot change the world, but “we can be witnesses to History.” Of all the quotes I’ve heard, I pick-up this one about this profession.

My mentor was not Sipahiouglu, but another photographer who was fortunate enough to live through the golden age of photojournalism in the French capital, Jean Pierre Porcher, with whom I founded the Gran Angular agency in 2001 in Barcelona. Jean Pierre taught me that pressing the camera button is only the last step in the intricate process of taking photographs.


I also do commercial works. I always strive to capture the essence of each project through captivating photographs. With extensive experience in photography and drone flying, I am committed to delivering high-quality results in every job. Trust me to bring your projects to life through my lenses and wings!


Canon R6

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon lens 18-40 mm

Canon lens 24-105 mm IS

Lens Canon 50 mm

Canon lens 70-300 IS

Lens Samyang Cine  35 mm

Canon Flashes

Studio lights Godox