My name is Luis Carballo. In 1997, I began my professional career in Journalism. I started an adventure that led me to travel around the world. In my work at the news channel Euronews, I covered events such as the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the Egyptian revolution in 2011, the wars between Israel and Hamas, Pope Francis’ visit to the Holy Land, and the funerals of Ariel Sharon and Hugo Chávez.


In 2015, my report on Boko Haram in Nigeria was selected for the Emmy Awards. For over 20 years, I have worked in front of the camera as a reporter, presenter, and interviewer. Since 2017, I have been running my own production company in Lyon, France. I create multimedia productions, whether journalistic or commercial, for a diverse clientele, including media outlets, institutions, non-governmental organizations, and businesses.

In addition to my video productions, I am also a professional photographer. From 2001 to 2011, I co-directed the Gran Angular photo agency in Barcelona with Jean Pierre Porcher, where we managed portfolios of 500 photographers from around the world. Likewise, I create aerial video and photography images. I hold a drone pilot license in France. Finally, I also work as a fixer in France and Spain for a diverse clientele.


My profession and my passion. I am a man of words and images. As the Brits say, I will always go the “extra mile” to get the best story.



I produce all kinds of audiovisual productions for a diverse clientele: media outlets and companies. I film and edit using professional equipment.



The first camera landed in my hands as a teenager, and I never let go of it. I do both journalistic and commercial work. I have a stock photography archive and also do studio work.


I am a drone pilot, with a flight license obtained in France. I capture aerial footage for various types of productions: journalistic, commercial, and technical.



I put my two decades of experience in international media at the service of my clients to support them in their productions in France and Spain.




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