Good film and video productions require more than just a camera. It is necessary to have good professionals behind the scenes in all the production stages. Once the script is written, we must ensure that everything in that document can become possible, and who will carry out that task? Mostly the fixer, working hand in hand with the director or the producer.

I’ve been in the producer’s shoes many times in my TV productions, so I understand what a client expects from a good fixer. From my years as a reporter I have kept a long list of professional contacts, so I can arrange the fixing you need anywhere in the world.





The best or nothing. All the fixers I work with have a long experience in the media and have passed a strict selection process. I only work with the best. Many of them are former journalists, others are still working; there are also photographers or cameramen, producers and tour guides. They can help you scouting for locations, giving you precious advice based on a knowledge of the terrain and assisting you in all the stages of production, from the documentation, research and preparation phase, to the application for official, filming and drone flights permits.



All fixers at luiscarballo.com are fluent in English and, in many cases, in other widespread languages such as French, Spanish or Russian. Many of them speak, of course, the local language, a very important factor in any production in a foreign country. Swedish, Basque, Creole, different dialects of Chinese, Japanese, Swahili…we have the solution.



Our fixers stand out from the competition for the added value they have. Not only can they help you with the typical tasks of a conventional fixer, but also many of them can offer you extra services such as camera work, sound capture, photography, translation, drone, etc. A global solution for a price equivalent to a conventional fixing service.


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You can contact me by phone, email or live chat (the icon at the bottom right of the page). Through live chat or Messenger we will be able to talk in real time very quickly. Tell me what you need, where and your budget and I’ll start looking for a solution.


Once I have found the best option for your project the second phase begins. If you need a documentation phase, prior to the starting date of the fixing in the field, you must inform me first. I will send you a tailored quote with the conditions and the fee.

If you’re interested, then you’ll have to sign it and send it back to me. In all operations where I do not act as fixer I charge a 15% commission on the overall fixing rate, including preparation days and extra services, such as a drone flight.

By the third stage you will have the full contact of the fixer and you will have already contacted him/her to explain what you need. At the end of the production phase both the fixer and the client will send me a report on the mission as detailed as possible.

Payment is made in two stages. The first one with the fixer and the second one with luiscarballo.com. Each fixer has its own payment method, but payment is usually made in cash immediately after the end of the mission and in local currency, euros or dollars.

Other payment arrangements may be agreed upon if they have been detailed in the tailored quote and conditions. The customer pays the fixer directly.

At the same time, luiscarballo.com will send you an invoice with the 15% commission that you must pay accordingly with the conditions. I accept payments by bank transfer or transferwise.