Good film and video productions require more than just a camera. It is necessary to have good professionals behind the scenes in all the production stages. Once the script is written, we must ensure that everything in that document can become possible, and who will carry out that task? Mostly the fixer, working hand in hand with the director or the producer.

I’ve been in the producer’s shoes many times in my TV productions, so I understand what a client expects from a good fixer. From my years as a reporter I have kept a long list of professional contacts, so I can arrange the fixing in France and Spain.





I have extensive experience in the audiovisual sector. As a practicing journalist, I can assist you by finding locations, providing valuable insights with my knowledge of the area, and supporting you in all stages of production, from the documentation, research, and preparation phase to obtaining official permits or filming authorizations, including drone flight permits.



Speaking the local language is a crucial factor in any audiovisual production in a foreign country. I am Spanish, and I have been living in France for over 20 years, so I am proficient in both languages. Moreover, I speak English fluently, with a TOEIC C2 level.



I stand out from the competition due to the added value I can offer. Not only can I assist you with typical tasks as a conventional fixer, but I can also provide additional services such as camera work, sound recording, photography, translation, drone shots, and more. A comprehensive solution at a price equivalent to that of a conventional fixing service.


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You can reach me by phone, email, or WhatsApp. Just let me know what you need, where, and your budget, and I will start looking for a solution for you.


If you require a preliminary documentation phase before the start of the fixing, you must inform me about it. I will send you a quote with the explanation of the terms and the fee. Generally, the preparation phase takes one or two days. The fee is half of an 8-hour on-site fixing day rate.

This is the actual fixing phase. I work on-site with the team that has hired me, assisting them with whatever they need. Generally, the client covers the fixer’s expenses for accommodation, meals, and transportation. If we use my vehicle, I apply a daily rental fee and charge for fuel expenses.

Payment is made in two stages. An upfront payment of 30% of the mission’s total amount is required upon accepting the quote and before starting the on-site fixing. The remaining 70% will be paid within a maximum period of one month from the date of invoice issuance. I accept payments via bank transfer and PayPal.